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1 Day Hands on Workshops $600.00

Nailtechcourse.com is offering hands on Certificate Workshops throughout Canada.
1 Full Day of training in an area near you.
All theory done online prior to the class. Click here for details.
To register for workshops in your area, send email to us at nailtechcourse@yahoo.com
Nail art supplies available to purchase at workshops.
Product Discount for all registered students.

Questions you may have....
  • What is a learn from home Nail Tech Course?
  • Can anyone learn from home?
  • Is this school registered?
  • What courses do you offer? Nail Tips? Gel? Acrylic? Drill? Nail Art? Manicure & Pedicure?
  • How will I be graded?
  • Will I get a diploma?
  • Is it a full time or part time course?
  • What are the business opportunities?
  • When can I start?
For answers to these questions and more we invite you to continue reading and watch our videos below!

Hi, I am Cheryl. I have been in the spa business since 1981, and have owned and operated a training center since 1983. I have seen many changes in the industry, believe me. Manicures used to be the only nail service offered when I began. Then came porcelain nails... WOW they were something, it was like wearing chickelets on the ends of your fingers. No such thing as an electric file, so everything was done by hand. The products were not as advanced as they are today, so believe me.... it was a JOB. It really did take 3 to 5 hours to do someone’s nails. Only women of wealth could afford the nails and the full day off it took to have them done. So when I began nails were only for the wealthy.

Not today though, I have clients getting their nails done (manicures) as young as 5 years old. We offer spa birthday parties. It seems today no one is too young to enjoy the luxury of nail services.
As well as manicures of course are nail enhancements. As I stated before, when I first began my career only the wealthy wore enhancements, but today it seems more people have them, then don’t.
The nail industry is one of the fasted growing industries today. Grossing over 6 billion dollars, that number grows larger day by day.

So if you are looking into the nail industry as a career choice, its a good one.

You can offer nail services virtually anywhere. From a small table in your home to luxury spas, and anywhere in between. With so many people choosing to have nails today the market is virtually endless.
You can offer all services or specialize in nail art. Be assured there is a fit for you in the industry. You may even wish to be a sales rep for a nail company.
While the industry products have advanced, so have the tools available for teaching. When before you had to have a model sit for hours while you practiced, we now have state of the art model hands that look and move just like a humans for you to learn on.  Instead of a school where you have to go to daily, we have the internet. How can it get more convenient than that.

This course lends itself perfectly to single moms, stay at home parents, students who can’t get to a school in their area, anyone wanting to take a course in their free time, be it evenings or weekends.
That brings us to where we are today. Take away the model, take away the school building and replace them with a model hand and an online course and you have NAILTECHCOURSE.COM
We have spent the last few years developing our courses to offer you the best training possible.
We provide you with a training hand and the products needed. All you need is a table and a computer.
We are proud to say we work in conjunction with and exclusively promote Mirage Spa Education Canada.

Watch the videos below to answer your questions.

Our courses are broken down into different modules so you can take one by one. Whether you are just a beginner or you are wanting an upgrade, we are the solution.
Click here to view the available courses.

Our team has years of experience. Our instructor has 30 years of continuous teaching, and our computer and tech support bring 15 years. So you are in good hands.
All classes are taught online and you can log in and out as much as you need until the course is complete.
Our instructor will answer your email within 24 hours if not immediately.

I have been an educator for many nail companies, and have used so many nail products, and now I am proud to say that I helped in the development of the SPA ONE brand of nail products.  They are very high quality and professional grade, and also Canadian made. We are the exclusive distributor for Spa One brand nail products (International).
Once you have enrolled into one of our courses you will also have the benefit of 10% discount on all products.

We are continuously adding new modules to our classes, and you will receive a discount on future classes.
All your exams are done online and your grade is emailed to you immediately upon completion.

The nail tips pop off the training hand and they are mailed to head office for grading.
This is by far the most comprehensive and fun course on the market today.

Don’t wait ... just complete the registration and ..... let us get you started on your new career today.
As an added bonus for taking your course with us, you will receive a discount on products purchased through our online store.
This can save you thousands of dollars throughout your career.

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